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The Jolly Geo Raspberry Pi - the GeoPi? Hmm

GeoPi NatureCam (Spring 2019)

Inspired by the team at My Naturewatch I bought my first Raspberry Pi and set about building my own wildlife camera trap. The build was easy, but the nature not so much...

The plan is to incorporate the camera into an affordable and accessible environmental monitoring workflow, particularly for use in wildlife conservation. If the camera proves to be effective and versatile, the use-cases are endless.

The best photos will be uploaded here and on my Instagram account.

The "Best Of" Gallery
The Method Behind the Maddess

NatureCam acquired, Art Attack mode go!

Take 1 saw me deploy the NatureCam in our back garden. A small enclosed garden in a dense urban area meant no snaps.

Take 2 saw me try bird feed, arranged just in front of the lens. Still no luck!

Take 3 saw me stealthily deploy my NatureCam in the local Monkfield Wood for the day whilst I disappeared to work. Ideally I would have built in a GPS tracker in my RPi device in case it is stolen (a future project!), but all out of patience I took the risk, and it paid off!

First signs are promising...

Nature Camera

See "The Best Of" Gallery above for more snaps